This is a totally rogue operation started over coffee
one morning in a 'what can we do' moment. 


Lanie List / Lovely

As a small business owner, Lanie appreciates that she has the power to ensure that her employees have the time to vote.  Voting can often be difficult when you are in a 'junior' position and don't have the luxury of being away from the office, or are in a position where every hourly dollar counts. Hardworking, young voters often become the disenfranchised.  After deciding over the summer to give all of her employees a paid vacation day to vote, she decided to spread the word to encourage other small business owners to remove any obstacles their employees have to enable them to vote.


Brexit won by a narrow margin of four percent
and the majority of voters were over the age of 50.


Joanna Goddard / Cup of Jo

As a prominent blogger and influencer, Joanna recognizes the impact of a single person's voice.  By being able to speak out to her peers and other influencers, she can help impact other small business to join together in this collective effort. 


Small businesses can affect this election in big numbers.